Vision & Mission

St Oliver’s Primary School endeavours to educate and develop the whole child within a Catholic environment, centred on Christ’s values of truth, love and service.

It envisions a future for each student that encourages respect, compassion, tolerance, justice, and true celebration of the sacredness of life.

It seeks an ongoing pursuit of excellence and holds high expectations for all learning. As a thriving educational entity, St Oliver’s strives to build depth, endurance and resourcefulness whilst conserving and acknowledging the deep richness and diversity of its community.

It is our mission, based on our beliefs and underpinned by our Catholic Values, to promote and provide a quality educational environment where all can learn and reach their full potential.

In our community the elements of inclusivity, deep knowledge, deep understanding, intellectual quality, and significance are embedded in the curriculum, to provide equal opportunities for all learners in a framework of quality education.

Paramount to all learning and actions at St Oliver’s school is a dedication to seeding the wonder of lifelong learning.