CSPD school libraries are physical and digital places of inquiry and reading.

They provide access to a range of resources that help kids on their Learning journey and help inspire purposeful learning.

Through access to our library resources and services, students develop a range of learner dispositions and capabilities to cultivate a culture of curiosity, creativity, imagination and innovation.

Our physical library

The Library is an integral part of the learning and teaching at St Oliver's Primary.

Our School library fosters and promotes the lifelong learning of students through the availability of resources and services, and the development of Information and Communication Technology skills.

The Library provides a safe and welcoming environment that caters for both academic and recreational pursuits. Students are encouraged and assisted to borrow regularly, read widely and become independent researchers.

Information literacy is developed through the Information Process, inquiry learning and resource-based programs. Students develop the skills necessary to use information, ideas and technology effectively in their daily lives.


eLibrary is the digital gateway to the range of quality online resources that encourage and enhance reading and support inquiry learning.

Access our eLibrary


Come and see learning in action at St Oliver's Primary!

We’d love a chance to show you how learning works for young people in our school. Our dedicated teachers plan the learning in detail to help each child do his or her best.

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