Religious Education

Religious Education is central to our mission at St Oliver’s.

Students learn about their Catholic faith through the Parramatta Diocese Religious Education program, which has been adapted to reflect students’ cultural backgrounds.

Our faith experience is also shared and celebrated through:

  • liturgical celebrations, including singing and storytelling
  • participation in Masses
  • celebration of Feast Days
  • creating religious artwork
  • creating sacred spaces in classrooms to reflect liturgical seasons
  • formal and informal prayer
  • comparing and contrasting religions (older grades)

Teaching staff regularly undergo professional development to enhance the Religious Education program. There is also a good relationship between the Religious Education/Sacramental Coordinators and families.

Sacraments of Initiation

All students who are eligible to receive the sacraments are asked to contact the parish of St Patrick’s Cathedral (Reconciliation, First Holy Communion, Confirmation). The preparation courses will be completed at St Patrick’s Cathedral. The Sacraments will take place at St Oliver’s Catholic Church. St Patrick’s Cathedral Phone: (02) 8839 8460.

Social Justice

Students are also involved in a number of social justice initiatives, including:

  • fundraising activities for Caritas, St Vincent de Paul and Catholic Missions
  • collecting food and toy hampers for disadvantaged families
  • supporting families in genuine hardship

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